SuperBodied Musings: 001

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Life is fucked.

So here’s the thing, life is fucked.

There is never a perfect opportunity to do anything at any point, so the quicker you understand this the quicker you can get on with your life. Moving forwards is a priority, standing still is not.

If you stand still you die, if you move forward you live.

Now obviously rest, recovery and restoration are the most important things that you can possibly do, but don’t make that the only thing you do.

When you are fully rested and fully recovered then you have the potential to do something and it’s that potential to do something we need to strive for every day; no matter how big or small it is.

The initial ideology behind the world of health and fitness has been so bastardised over the last 30 years, that the very notion of trying to get healthy or trying to get fit is completely oversaturated with the obsession and assumption that the only markers that matter are: visual aesthetics, biochemical and mass-based data and the entire underbelly of the Quantified-Self movement.

We’ve been so indoctrinated with this ideology for so long, that the very concept of genuinely being happy with the body we’ve been given and get to live in every day is an afterthought.


Being grateful, thankful and overjoyed with the body we have been given in today’s society…is an afterthought.

Only when we are shunned by the marketing machine and we subsequently decide we “don’t care what society thinks” do we finally focus on loving ourselves.

But, why does this have to happen at 40, 50 or even 60?!

Why must people strive for and prioritise aesthetic excellence between the age of 12 – 40 and never truly reach a point where they’re happy with themselves?

Our best years should mean we explore and truly adventure out beyond our comfort zone. Both physically and mentally but equally come back to it to rest, review, recover and replan for the next venture.

That’s how we grow.

Internally and externally.

The bonus then, is a body that is aesthetically, biochemically and physically responding at its own defined optimal settings that can be quantifiably tweaked from a place of purpose.

Not false desires.

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