like tetris, when your fitness fits

It effortlessly disappears.

Leave the Aesthetics addiction behind

Master Your way of training

There are hundreds of training modalities out there for you to try. Many of them do not suit you. With seasonal coaching and discussions, over time you will learn exactly what works for you, how it works with you and keeps you excited as to why you actually WANT to do it in the first place.

manage your body like a pro

You may need that "hustle" mindset for work but we don't do that here. Your rest, recovery, hydration and sleep rule the roost. It'll be hard to shake off, but with learning to actually listen to your body and use your own fitness data you will know when to ramp up or ease off.

Understanding Seasonal Thinking

Get out the saffron, this is highly unconventional thinking but important. Whether you live in a location that has 4, 2 or just 1 season through the year, learning and loving the need for adaptability every 3 months (or 12 weeks) means you'll never be stuck in a rut.

befriend your nutrition

Get rid of the "diet" mentality. You don't need cheat days or treats - you're not a dog. Rather than outsourcing the most important part of your body, learn to understand basic nutrition tailored to your lifestyle so you can make easier happier choices in the office, or on the go anywhere in the world.

conquer your "Why"

"Should" is the enemy. Whether you just want to maintain what you have or push for a specific goal or higher quality of life, getting to grips with Why you're even here going through 4 seasons of tough lessons is what will keep you going on those harder days.

Futureproof Yourself

The very core values of SuperBodied Performance. Whether you're in your mid 20's or late 80's, now is the time to futureproof yourself. Don't fall foul of an easy sedentary life, get your systems in place so you can still move with ease regardless of the years gone by.

The "goose" to you, the maverick

AKA - Your Concierge and Coach

Meet your coach, concierge and personal cheerleader, Shiggi.

With a lifetime of experience dealing with a few different styles of hardships that happen, to bring into the world of maintaining a baseline of health, she decided to formally turn those experiences into a tangible service in 2012 after being a manager at the 2012 London Olympics. 

Raised by a hobby bodybuilder and business A-type go-getting mother, and a holocaust high-achiever (but oh so chilled) step-father. Understanding the importance of normalising habit formation, simple but nutritious eating habits as well as low-threshold but ultimately positive compounding movement has been an ever developing focus that’s been at the core of SuperBodied Performance. 

If you spend any amount of time following Shiggi on her various social media handles, you’ll very quickly realise she also runs an audio assets production company – AudioFy, has been a DJ for almost 20 years as NeoPink and has been an avid rock climber and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner for 6 and 4 years respectively. 

She also openly talks about ADHD woes, and solutions she’s tried and managing bereavement of her mother she lost to an aggressive suicide in 2019. 

She balances being personable and empathetic with an air of cynicism that inspires you to want more and be kinder to yourself whilst still having fun in the journey of you. 

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The importance of a locomotive baseline

Locomotionrefers to the ability to move. Specifically, it refers to the way in which organisms travel from one place to another. Examples of types of locomotion include running, swimming, jumping or flying. Human locomotion is achieved by the use of our limbs.

Baselinea minimum or starting point used for comparisons.

Locomotive Baseline – The starting point of one’s ability to move from one place to another.

Establish Generalisation
Discover Efficiency
Intuitive Design
Mastering Movement
Enriching Curiosity

strengthen your mobility,
mobilise your strength

Establish your strength and mobility baselines, maintain them and have fun growing into a stronger, more physically and mentally capable human doing. Rather than just existing as a human “being”

Strong + Flexy

Just want a program to follow that will help you increase your baseline strength and improve your flexibility? Join this program that gives you two streams of workouts, updated weekly.

Programme: DIY App

Strength + Mobility Pro

Need something more structured? SM-Pro is a 12-week programme that starts 4 times a year. Starting from where you are, building you up to where you want to be.

Programme Type: Seasonal Workshop

SuperBodied Blueprint

Your bespoke journey from a human being to a human doing. Each SB Blueprint cycle lasts 4-6 months including bi-weekly check-ins and 4-6 virtual screenings with a physio.

Program Type: Bespoke Private

Superbodied Referrals

Have you found yourself here due to a friend or colleague suggesting you should start learning how to be confident in your capability and capacity? 

If so, fill out the form! Let me know who sent you. Fellow SuperBodied Buddy!